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Authors Reglamentations

of  “Infocommunication Technologies”. Your attention is drawn to the reglamentations of manuscripts, articles and other materials addressed to the editors.

The journal main thematic fields:

  1. Theoretical foundations of technologies for transmitting and processing information and signals
  2. Telecommunications technologies
    2.1 Communication networks and multiservices
    2.2 Telecommunications systems and devices
    2.3 Communication lines and fiber-optic telecommunications technologies
    2.4 Antennas, AFU and microwave devices
    2.5 Radio transmitting and receiving devices, television
  3. Technologies of computer systems and networks
  4. New information technologies
  5. Technologies of radio communication, radio broadcasting and television
  6. Electromagnetic compatibility and equipment safety
  7. Management and training for the telecommunications industry
  8. School of a young scientist

Preferable number of pages for a scientific article is 4-5 in two columns. A classical format of the article is desirable: goals set-up – making, conclusion – citated reference.

To be introduced for publication
  • Both paper (white – A4). Two samples and its digital sample (e-mailed or disc – 3,5). In a printed text page numbers are pointed on the backside in pencil., the file name is determined by the family name of the first author: family name.doc.
  • Article title and annotation are both Russian and English (a separate file)
  • Keywords are both Russian and English (a separate file)
  • Organisation name, editorial board member review is desirable, expertise act.
  • A separate paper sheet with authors’s ID (family name, first name and patronymic, organisation name address And phone numbers, e-mail address for feedback).
REQUIREMENTS to manuscript
  • Word editor, page size: A4 format (210 x 297), 2 columns spaced 7 mm.
  • Margin size: 20 x 20 x 20 x 20 mm, main text font size and type: Times New Roman 11 pt.
  • The manuscript of the article must contain: UDC (in the upper right corner, regular font, 12 pt), title of the article (centered, in capital letters, bold, 12 pt, style – heading 2), last name and initials (italics, centered, 11 pt ).
  • Abstract and keywords (width, Times New Roman, 10 pt). A brief abstract should be between 100 and 250 words. The author’s summary should not contain references to literature and abbreviations (if possible). Keywords should reflect the main content of the article, use terms from the text of the article, as well as terms that define the subject area and include other important concepts that will facilitate and expand the ability to find the article using an information retrieval system, and, if possible, not repeat the terms of the title and abstract.
  • It is desirable that the article follows the “classical” structure: problem statement – solution – conclusions – literature. The preferred length of the article is 4-5 pages.
  • Headings in the text: 12 pt, bold, style – heading 3.
  • Character sizes in formulas (Math Type) -11 pt main; when using formulas and special characters in the text, use Math Type, writing Greek letters is normal, not italic; If it is necessary to refer to formulas in the text, they must be numbered.
  • Line spacing: single, paragraph indent: 0.5 cm (except for the title, captions, full names of authors).
  • All illustrations must have captions or titles (Times New Roman, 10 pt); if they were not obtained through the authors’ research, a link to the original source must be provided.
  • All drawings must be in vector format (for example, Visio or CorelDraw editors, preferably Visio). After this, export the pictures to *.wmf, *.emf format. Each drawing must additionally be presented in the original file.
  • Drawings made in Word must be inserted as an object.
  • All figures and tables must have captions. Under-figure and over-table inscriptions: Times New Roman, 10 pt.
  • Each table must additionally be presented in a separate file.
  • For rules for preparing a list of references (preferably at least 10 sources), see GOST R 7.0.5-2008; for a list of references in Latin (References), the Harvard standard must be used.
  • References to literature in the text of the article are indicated in square brackets, the list of references has the heading: Literature.
  • The author’s abstract in English (abstracts) should not be a literal translation of the Russian-language abstract (volume from 100 to 250 words); information about the authors in English is given in the following order: Full name. author, author’s regalia, position, name of organization, address of organization, contact phone number and E-mail.
  • A sample article template is available in the editorial office and can be sent to the authors by E-mail.

sample template in the wording of the article is available and can be sent to authors by E-mail.

The article must be signed by all authors . Manuscripts accepted for publication will not be returned . Materials that do not meet the above requirements will be rejected and will not be returned .

On all matters relating to the preparation , publication and delivery of materials , please contact the editors of ICT (executive secretary Gubareva O.Y.) .

E-mail: in the ” Subject” you must specify : “Article ICT”

Download sample manuscript